Original Club on Orange

A Brief 42-Year History Memories fade and become hazy concerning dates and the history of the Coronado Alano Club. Sometime in the 1970s, probably around 1976/77, a group of drunks gathered together to discuss a possible meeting place. Some of the AA meetings were held at churches and other facilities. Ann O. remembers many discussions about how and where to go in order to get the ball rolling. Finally, she visited the then mayor of Coronado, Pat Callahan, who offered a building on city property located at 7th and D Avenue (where the police station is now located). The rent was a nominal $1 per year. Although the upstairs area was ultimately taken over by another activity, there are many fond memories for Alky and Al-Anons alike, hanging out together for those cherished meetings prior to and after scheduled ones. This was the meeting place from about 1979 to 1991 when city planners decided to build the new police station. It took until 1982 for the not for profit tax exempt status and corporation approvals to occur. In the meantime in 1980 The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were approved and notarized. Then, as now, the specific and primary purposes for which this corporation is formed are:

“To provide a service center for information on alcoholism and methods of recovery. To provide supportive social activities in a nondrinking environment.”

Although the Bylaws have been amended, the stated purpose has been maintained. We are forever grateful to the founding directors and charter members (commemorated in a framed certificate in the Alano Club) for their dedication and persistence to make the Coronado Alano Club possible.

The Club Today
In 1991, The Coronado Alano Club moved to its present location at 950 Orange Avenue (in the alley) 2009 commemorates 30 years for the club. The furniture has changed many times, the old Coke machine relic is gone, and many board of directors have served each contributing to the growth and improvement of the Club. The monthly dues for membership have been $10 for many years and coupled with meeting rents and similar charges have been able to meet all the financial requirements over the years. Club directors have faced many challenges and solved them with patience, understanding and assistance from their higher powers. Meetings have changed but many from 30 years ago remain:

Sunday Spiritual

Closed Men’s (now at the hospital)
Thursday Big Book
Closed Women’s (was Thursday, now Friday)

In all, there are currently 30 AA, 3 NA, and 1 Al-Anon meetings at the club and approximately 10 meetings, mostly AA at various churches, library and the hospital.
Finally, special thanks to Gene K., Ann O., Lois P., and the current Alano Club Board of Directors for their service, dedication and inputs for our history.